The Council for Ethnic Minorities

The Council for Ethnic Minorities has existed since 1994, but was in its current form constituted in October, 2014.

The Council advises and offers guidance to the Minister of Immigration, Integration and Housing on issues of importance to immigrants and refugees. The Council furthermore comments on new political initiatives and has the right to comment on general issues relating to ethnic minorities. The Council is non-religious and keeps focus on ethnicity differences and inequalities that can cause discrimination or marginalization of ethnic minorities. The Council cannot deal with individual cases, complaints or the like. 

There are 14 members in the Council for Ethnic Minorities. The Council underwent an organizational transformation in 2014, where there was decided a new model for composition of the members. This model is as follows:

  •  Five members appointed by the Minister – including the Chairman
  •  The four biggest municipalities are permanently represented by a member
  •  Five members are elected from a large board of representatives that represents all the municipalities in Denmark

The members of the Council are all elected or assigned because of their work and knowledge on the integration area. This makes the group of members very dynamic and diverse.

The Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing  provides secretarial assistance to the Council for Ethnic Minorities.

The Minister as well as the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing may request the Council to comment on specific issues and action plans whenever relevant. The Council also takes part in various external working commissions and task groups that has been set up by the Government to deal with problems of importance to immigrants and refugees.

The Council for Ethnic Minorities is a national council. At a local level app. 50 municipalities have established integration councils. These local integration councils advise municipalities on issues related to local integration policies and efforts and assist the local government to ensure an effective and coherent effort to integrate ethnic minorities in society. The Council for Ethnic Minorities is hoping for more local Integration Councils, and is active in advising and helping the municipalities to establish these.

last modified Sep 08, 2016